Extracts: 10 Asian Influenced Ingredients for Your Skin

Most of us are used to applying skin cream without thinking about its ingredients. But what is inside our creams? And are they good for us? It’s known that our skin absorbs what we put on it. In fact, the experts say that our skin absorbs up to 64% of contaminants found in drinking water! The porousness of our face is several times more permeable than our body. And other studies have shown our skin absorbing fragrance ingredients at 100%. With that in mind, it’s time to go au naturale. Here is a guide to some of the natural extracts that are part of Asia’s skin care product trends.

10 Asian Influenced Extracts for Your Skin

1. Snail via The Coveteur







2. Aloe via MindBodyGreen

3. Coconut via Soapbombs

4. Sea Kelp via Getthegloss

5. Tea Tree Oil via peachandlily

6. Pig Collagen via Belle Mocha

7. Starfish via Future Derm

8. Rice via Beauty and Tips

9. Green Tea via The Beauty Gypsy

10. Red Ginseng via Skin & Tonics
red ginseng

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