Kylie launches eyeshadow shades

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Yesterday Kylie Jenner launched her first non-lipstick product, Kyshadow (see what she did there?) And the Internet freaked out! The kit has nine shades of eye shadow in a bronze palette. It’s already sold out. The Internets are freaking out.

Kylie took to Instagram to show off Kyshadow and has apparently been wearing the shades for the past 6 months. Who knew? Colors include catchy names like Jasper, Tiger Eye (not Tyga?) and Goldstone.


The Bronze Palette #kyshadows

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Kyshadow follows Kylie’s already crazy successful line of matte lip kits. Kylie has supposedly trademarked the phrases Kyliner and Kybrow. She’s looking to cover your whole face in beautiful product. But true to form the haters are hating and saying that Kylie stole this palette from Shaaanxo. I don’t buy that argument. Kylie’s team is vast, she has the cash to do whatever she wants, she doesn’t have to steal. Except when it comes to Coachella, hahahahahaha:

kylie coachella

Imitation is the highest form of flattery right? And it’s usually the other way around. WE want to be like HER. From the cray trend of sucking on shot glasses to get her lips, also known as the #kyliejennerchallenge fails to Cosmo assistant fashion beauty editor who tried to live like Kylie for a week (wha? expensive :0):

Looks like fun, no? Kylie has it going on. We are jealous, envious, impressed. The more product she releases and the more fashion styles she rocks and recos the closer we get to the Kyliverse! Kyliverse, I should trademark that before she does 🙂

For now, we have to wait for her eyeshadow. People, let’s collectively take a few breaths, wait a month, and  then run to Kylie’s cosmetics site, stat!

Want, want, want. Breath, breath, breath. WANT…sigh.

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