Oily Acne Prone Skin? Routine can help!

What do I do if my skin is oily, acne prone, AND dry at the same time?

oily acne

Hi posse (do you mind if I call you that? ahahaha). It’s been a long weekend. Well, actually, it’s Tuesday. I say long weekend because I had an acne breakout. WTF! I’m an adult, why am I getting acne?

Well…it seems as if I was born this way (whattup Gaga 🙂 ). Science says that acne is genetic. So, like, thanks mom and dad for this breakout. I thought my oily skin was because of a big chocolate binge I had this weekend. Nope. Okay, confession, I also ate some greasy McDonald’s fries. But it turns out that neither of them causes my oily acne skin. It’s purely a matter of my genes.

But, here’s the cool thing. I learned that even though my acne breakouts are out of my control, I can make them look less severe by having a routine. Bible as Kim would say. Here is my routine:

Cleansing: I do this morning and night and use a gel based cleanser. Seems as if lots of brands want to talk to me about cleansing because they label their products for “oily” skin. Yeah, for us acne folk. Yay! My favorite products are: De First Cosmetics Works and Living Nature Purifying cleanser. You can use anything you like, but make sure you cleanse day and night!

de-first-cosmetics-works lving nature cleanser


Tone, Tone, Tone (memba them?)

acne oil skin

Ok, maybe not. Toning is super important after cleansing. It helps pick up “dirt” you may have missed. Tone on your T zone, around your nose, your chin. I like Medicox. It sounds all official, like a doctor would give it to you.


Moisture up

Every day! The moisture won’t contribute to your acne or oily skin. It will help your skin regenerate, not dry out, feel good. These should be water based. Just like when you’re thirsty, you drink…H2O yo! Lotions work better for oily skin than creams. Our favorite? Tonymoly Green Tea Watery Lotion. You know that we are a fan of natural, Asian inspired ingredients, such as green tea!

oily acne tonymoly

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