Beauty Tips for Newbies — the inside scoop


This makeup game is overwhelming, isn’t it girls? If you’re a newbie, what do you do, when, and how? In Asia there are some great makeup tips that involve routines and healthy ingredients. We have spoken about ingredients before (see link) and can’t stress more about how what you put on your skin is so important.

Snails & Pearls believe in that we are all beautiful and we think that beauty products shouldn’t cover us up, but bring out our healthiest looking selves. These beauty tips should help a girl look her most beautiful self.

Newbie Tip: A good slap

Applying moisturiser with a nice love tap into the skin can help stimulate circulation, raise energy levels, and helps skincare products penetrate the skin. When putting the cream on your face, first rub it with your fingers and smooth it into place and then gently tap your skin.

tips slap

slap on the moisturizer

Newbie Tip: Use SPF

Ladies, SPF is your first umbrella against the sun! It’s hot out there, especially in some parts of Asia. What do we do? Well yeah, we wear long sleeves, hats, scarves. We cover up! But, don’t forget to protect your skin whether the sun is out or not, shield your skin from harmful rays. Every day.

tips spf

Newbie Tip: Mask

We love masks for moisturizing to nourish our skin, moisturize it, and revive it. This is a simple tip, a once weekly activity that can help make you look beautiful and feel relaxed at the same time. Steam up your face first to open your pores. We like sheet masks so we can leave them on longer. Afterwards, leave the gel /serum on the skin to make sure you’re getting all the benefits of the mask.

tips mask

Newbie Tip: Use oil

Oils, especially plant-based oils, can lift dirt, makeup, sunscreen, off the skin effectively while also moisturising. And, counter to what you might think, oils don’t clog pores. Again, we open our pores with a warm cloth, massage oil into our skin, and then let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute, and then gently wipe the oil away. Voila!

tips oil

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