Hi! We’re a posse of beauty enthusiasts who love to see, experience, share, and buy (hahaha) all things beauty related. Our point of view is sometimes from Asia as a lot of us live and work here. It’s not one person, but a gang of us. We are writers, students, teens, young adults, moms, worker bees, partiers, and all around beauty obsessed girls (and sometimes guys 😉 ). Snails because we love Korean cosmetics! Pearls, well, because we are all shiny and polished. Snails and Pearls is where we blog about what we see, buy, and apply to ourselves to make us feel as beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside. We create and borrow content on our site. If we borrow, we will link and credit whomever created that great stuff! We aren’t possessive — sharing is caring :).

We have favorite brands that we will sometimes work with and feature on the site either as subjects of our reviews or in ads. We are selective and trust our partners and feel that they enhance S&P’s. It’s like being able to see or read about something great and then have it when you want it! Shop away yo’s!

Enjoy Snails and Pearls. Join our posse. Be BEAUTIFUL!!!